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Empire Season 5: Who Is In The Casket?



EMPIRE: Terrence Howard in the “Steal From the Thief” Season Five premiere episode of EMPIRE airing Wednesday, September 26 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. @2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Chuck Hodes/FOX.

Since the beginning of Empire season 5, there this flash to the future where Lucious Lyon is seen caressing a casket after which he was arrested at the funeral.

It’s quite clear someone dear to Lucious died owing to the reaction and regrets worn on his face. The spoiler alerts are pointing to Hakeem, Andre or Cookie. But it’s taking to another direction by the passing of each episode.

Episode 7 now hints the body in the casket will be either “Cookie Lyon” or Jeff Kingsley”

Why Cookie Lyon?

From a snippet into episode 8, Cookie and Lucious will get loathsome the moment the later found out how She had allowed him to take a huge risk when she could raise a capital for The Lyons Music company.

Lucious will then begin to have doubts about her loyalty to building a new Empire. Things will definitely go sour between the two and this could have made both of them vulnerable to the hunting enemies.

Jeff Kingsley

Episode 7 also reveals Lucious is Kingsley’s father and this really points all possibilities to him being the person in the coffin as he’s plotting the fall of his father.

Lucious must have got a grip of Kingsley’s scheme and upturn it leading to his death. Another possibility links to Kingsley’s mother whom Lucious had an affair in his youth years. But will he be moved emotionally to the extent we saw, i doubt.

Episode 8 has more to resolve as regards the mystery of the person in the casket.

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