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Facenaija jamb runzs updates.



Expo Villa jamb runzs updates.

Good morning everyone!
*Hot news after I spoke with the jamb registrars*
As said earlier before now, I do deliver correct questions and answers for each centre 3hrs before exam.

*You might be asking, how would I get access to the questions*

Concerning this I have connections with some officials working at the board and also have hackers who do also get us the exact questions for each centres also.

*You might ask, ” But questions are scattered how will I get to know my questions.*

In regards to this, we do deliver questions with answers attached to it, so there is no need to panic, and the answers is in form of PDF format take note.

*You might ask, why don’t I need your registration number or your email to access your questions.*

For 4yrs now, when cbt was introduced I do ask my candidates for their centre number, why because that’s the only way we can have access to your questions.

*You might ask, What will I score if I subscribe for this runzs*

Concerning this we are assuring you 320+ above or probably 345.✌🏽

*Note:* That’s if you can cram. When I say cram I mean cramming the answers for each questions. Though it would be easy for you to do so, why because the questions and answers would be sent in a way you would understand.

*You might ask, what if the runzs isn’t sure?*

Now I would tell you that me, *potential* my runzs is always sure. A lot of candidates who wrote jamb this year that subscribe for my runzs can testify to it and besides they are in one university or the other.

*But Note:* Not all are capable of doing jamb runzs, it’s not like other exam. It is totally different.

*Some candidates might still be doubting me. 🤹🏽‍♂*

All I need is for you to trust me, and see what I’m capable of doing. And besides not everyone would point out how their jamb runzs is going to be, I did it for you guys because I want you to know you are in the right place for any type of exam runzs.

*You might ask, can the subscription money be paid through airtime?*

Yes it can be paid though airtime, because not everyone has a bank account of his/her own. Hence paying through airtime would be accepted!

*You might ask, after subscription for runzs what’s next*

After subscription for jamb runzs, you guys would be added to a group where sure answers would be sent.
Please No chit chat on the forum.


*_Payment for runzs would last for only two weeks. Which would start on the 1st of December to 20th of December
_Expo Villa🌹_

If you have any questions pertaining this, kindly message me. 🙇‍♂

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2019 Jamb Syllabus For All Subject Are Available.

📚English Language
📚Islamic Religious Knowledge
📚Christian Religion Knowledge
📚Literature in English
📚Agricultural Science

Expo Villa

Disregard any fake news telling jamb 2019 form is out for sales..don’t get scammed by anybody or CBT center

Expo Villa will always get you updated

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